Celtic Premier

The first etage model is antique bracelet. The shape is made by vehicle designer. The theme “Leap of Faith” the new challenge to the new world. The newest technology and production idea, brings this high quality watches. The design is suitable in fashion to be gently smart with elegance. For Initial production defectives it is 5 years guarantee.

silverly white, ainewatch

Silverly White

The most standard number of any kinds. It directly tells about its quality as well. The simple strong silver has fundamental design for any series of type. The minimal design with tiny pieces attract the others, by the reflection of strong mirror finish design.

aine champagne gold

Champagne Gold

The gentle warm gold bracelet, champagne gold. Not in yellowy gold but it has elegance with highly polished design. The sympathetic gold matches to the party or even to any business scenes. The design gives you outstanding benefits, it has highly sophisticate design.

night in black, ainewatch

Night in Black

Refined Index shows up in front of smooth dial by contrast. The concept is Dark in Black. The luxury hands gently catch the light and easily brings the time for the owner. The crystal cut glass with hidden minutes indicator support your time reading.


New colour
Limited Webstite collection

For over 2 years we have been working on artistry colour. In particular Rouge Opera and Olive Green color is website special edition collection. The regular Dios Pink its concept comes from carnations with a beautiful story came from the legend. The Ice Blue is designed conceal the richness and splendor of natural colors.

aine dios pink-main

Dios Pink

Dios Pink provides beautiful new range of Royal Rose Gold colour with the richest care by its stainless jewel band. Enriched reflection brings positive energy like Vitamin. The combination with lifestyle fashion illuminate total impression.

aine ice blue-main

Ice Blue

Ice Blue, always fashionable and trendy. It inspires hue of airy freshness with icy brightness. Also the Jewel Band brings out variety of blue reflection with shades and designs. Ice Blue perfectly resonate with cool vibes of the ocean and brings calmness.

aine olive green-main

Olive Green

In general, the meaning of green is associated with life, renewal, nature, growth, and rebirth. Although it retains all the associations of green, olive green has its own symbolism and can be associated with wisdom, hope, harmony, compassion, they are associated with sophistication.

aine rouge opera-main

Rouge Opera

Rouge Opera highlights in total fashion style with elegant jewelry. The timepiece of Rouge Opera will also focus on time reading, it is the key ingredients in the face dial. Rouge Opera will display two major arts, fashion jewelry and Art.